Sherman County Historical Society announces a new fund-raising project in conjunction with Sherman County Community Foundation’s Anytime Give matching grant as another way to recognize Sherman County’s 150th anniversary. There are 150 donation envelopes marked with amounts from $1.00 to $150.00. Donors pick an envelope of their choice, or perhaps multiple envelopes, to match their donation amount. After the donated amount is put in the envelope(s), the envelope(s) are deposited in a box (actually, a round barrel once used as a ballot box). In addition to the donation, the Historical Society is requesting that donors also deposit a memory of their Sherman County family in the box. These memories will be added to the files at the Research Center and be available to genealogy researchers in years to come.

Our Anytime Give projects this year are to repair termite damaged windowsills in the Ohlsen/Jenner House and the Marcy Building and to replace the termite damaged wood floor on the east porch of the Ohlsen/Jenner House. No active termites were found last fall when we took preventative action by having all the Historical Society buildings treated for termites.

The envelopes will be at the Museum except on Wednesday afternoons when they will be at the Research Center from 1 to 4 p.m. All donations, large and small, will help to fill the 150 envelopes. A donation and a memory will make this project a success.
We need your help and memories image