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Mission Statement: To collect and preserve the history and heritage of Sherman County.

Sherman County Historical Society is a Non-Profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1977 to collect and preserve the history and heritage of Sherman County. It is funded by membership dues, private donations, grants, as well as an annual allocation from the County.

The Sherman County Historical buildings are open every Sunday during the summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day from 1 to 4 p.m. and any time by appointment.

  • Donna Trompke         308-750-3325 or
  • Research Center        308-745-5545 (Leave Message)


Join us today and help us make a change for the future!

  • Research Center, 740 "O" Street, Loup City, NE 68853-0362

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Hanshew Building

Hanshew Building

The Hanshew Building is located at 740 "O" Street in Loup City, NE.

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Research Center

Research Center

The Research Center with numerous family history files, boxes of early Sherman County photos, early newspapers, among other genealogical records.

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Ohlsen-Jenner House

Ohlsen-Jenner House

The Ohlsen-Jenner is a two-story brick building built about 1900 which has items from Jenner's Amusement Park and the Loup City Riot of 1934 as well as old photographs; furniture, clothing and artifacts' from early Sherman County.

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Hawk School

Hawk School

The Hawk School was built in 1874 and includes an original country school classroom.

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Austin School

Austin School

Austin School was once a grade school and a high school. It now houses various displays of great interest.

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Marcy Building

Marcy Building

The Marcy Building displays items and information about the professional businesses and people of Sherman County.

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Elsner-Clark Hall

Elsner-Clark Hall

The Elsner-Clark Exhibit Hall is used for many exhibits as well as monthly meetings.

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A merry-go-round that was moved to its present location at the SCHS from the Hawk School.

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The History Nebraska Board of Trustees is proud to announce Donna Trompke as the recipients of the 2023 Heritage Hero Award for her work with the Sherman County Historical Society.

History Nebraska recognizes deserving individuals and organizations throughout the State of Nebraska for preserving and sharing the history of their region. Former President of the Board of Trustees, Lance Bristol, presented Donna with a Heritage Hero Award pin and certificate on Sunday, January 8, 2023, at the Historical Society’s Holiday Potluck.

When one thinks of the Sherman County Historical Society, a silhouette of Donna Trompke immediately appears in your mind. Donna is the momentum that keeps our organization running and motivated. Without her, we would simply not be.

As our president, she organizes meetings, events, and knows the rules and regulations for a non-profit. With a background of teaching and having run a bookkeeping business, it seems to come natural to her to keep the Historical Society organization running like a well-oiled machine.

Donna works alongside members to clean, decorate, organize, or whatever needs to be done. She is always available for tours when someone calls and works tirelessly at the Research Center to help visitors find information and details about their ancestors and any aspect of their past. If publications are ordered, she mails them out. In turn, she makes sure there are an ample number of publications on hand.

Donna has had a plethora of ideas in promoting the Historical Society. One of her recent ideas was to have a “featured family” each tour season. Donna headed the committee to select a family that was instrumental in settling Sherman County. Once a family was selected, a display about them was designed in our main building on the museum campus. Other articles the family had donated were marked appropriately in the other buildings. The featured family was announced in our quarterly newsletter and in Donna’s weekly article “Another View” in the Sherman County Times (local paper). The featured family event was a hit and will be continued for future tour seasons.

In planning new displays for the museum, enough cannot be said about how Donna’s ideas have helped keep the exhibits fresh and alive. She attends meetings and seminars to discover how others are handling their artifacts and keeping precious relics of the past safe from the sun and air. Donna has added mannequins to the museum and procured special boxes and paper to store newspapers and other valuable print material.

When it comes to the Veteran’s exhibits, which are close to Donna’s heart, she takes special care to make sure they are displayed with dignity. As a busy member, volunteer, and officer of Post 48 Women’s Auxiliary, she understands the sacrifices the men and women of the military have made for all of us.

Donna has been our grant writer to secure local and state grants. The Historical Society is an all-volunteer organization. While we do receive some county funding, it is not enough for the upkeep of the grounds and buildings and to pay all our expenses. Was it not for Donna, who tirelessly scouts for those extra dollars to fund projects, we would not be able to continue our efforts to provide Sherman County with the wonderful facility we have. Donna also attends county commissioners’ meetings to keep them aware of our activities.

Donna has children and grandchildren that see her deep devotion to the Historical Society. Two of her grandchildren, Wyatt and MacKenzie, are often with her at work sessions and meetings. They work alongside us and are often “mini-tour guides”. Visitors enjoy their enthusiasm as do the members. It is wonderful to see the passion she has instilled in them at this young age. This is a perfect example of how it “takes a village.”

Donna's tireless efforts to make the Sherman County Historical Society the great organization that it is today are what make her a Heritage Hero. She is quick to give others credit for their efforts, but it now time to bestow the credit due her. Thanks to you, we are who we are.
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Sherman County Historical Society announces a new fund-raising project in conjunction with Sherman County Community Foundation’s Anytime Give matching grant as another way to recognize Sherman County’s 150th anniversary. There are 150 donation envelopes marked with amounts from $1.00 to $150.00. Donors pick an envelope of their choice, or perhaps multiple envelopes, to match their donation amount. After the donated amount is put in the envelope(s), the envelope(s) are deposited in a box (actually, a round barrel once used as a ballot box). In addition to the donation, the Historical Society is requesting that donors also deposit a memory of their Sherman County family in the box. These memories will be added to the files at the Research Center and be available to genealogy researchers in years to come.

Our Anytime Give projects this year are to repair termite damaged windowsills in the Ohlsen/Jenner House and the Marcy Building and to replace the termite damaged wood floor on the east porch of the Ohlsen/Jenner House. No active termites were found last fall when we took preventative action by having all the Historical Society buildings treated for termites.

The envelopes will be at the Museum except on Wednesday afternoons when they will be at the Research Center from 1 to 4 p.m. All donations, large and small, will help to fill the 150 envelopes. A donation and a memory will make this project a success.
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The Sherman County Historical Society has several publications for sale. Below are the names and prices of those publications. Postage for mailing is extra. All prices include sales tax.

For copies of any publication, contact Donna Trompke at or by phoning (308) 750-3325; or Rose Kowalski at or by phoning (308)750-2807. Mail order requests may be sent to: Sherman County Historical Society, P.O. Box 362, Loup City, NE 68853-0362. Thanks!

1904 Plat Map of Sherman County, reprint
1920 Plat Map of Sherman County, reprint
History of the Sherman County Times 1877-1969 by Diana J. Keith
Vintage postcards; various Sherman County scenes & buildings$2 each B&W; $1 each color
Book of Facts (1873 - 1897) by George Benschoter
Sherman County Centennial Souvenir Edition ( 1973)
A Brief History of Sherman County (1872 - 1952) by Meroe Owens
Brief History of the Redfern Popcorn Stand by Carl Throckmorton & Jack Schoening
Calico Corners (1905 -1910) by Calla Petersen
Loup City Riot 1934 by Dennis Welty

1930 Guide to Jenner's Park (copy of original guide)
1934 Guide to Jenner's Park (special reprint, limited quantity)
Selected photos of Jenner's Park (a photo book)
Fuel Tank at Central Filling, Loup City, NE Photo Book
Short End of the Branch at Davis Creek by Tom Stanczyk
Celebrating 150 Years
A Photo History of Sherman County from 1870 - 1950
$45 The Photo books are in as of 7/18/2023! Get yours now!

Sherman Count Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization. Sherman County Historical Society's fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Monetary donations and memberships provide our support. Memberships are available at the following costs:

$30 per year
$20 per year
$30 per year
Lifetime (Individual)
$125 per year

Membership Form (application for membership.pdf)

Unable to volunteer? Help with a donation! (Donation_Form.pdf.)

Correspondence can also be sent to:

Sherman County Historical Society, P.O. Box 362, Loup City, NE 68853-0362

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